About Us

The EgSA-TICO office is hosted under the Egyptian Space Agency and inside its premises, run by a group of pioneers experienced in the space technology industry.

Our Vision

Be the ultimate filler for the gap between Research outcomes and market needs through space technology & innovation.

Our Mission

Foster space technology transfer & applications for the sake of better planet & communities by removing the barriers to space innovation, pushing forward concrete space technology solutions and deliver outcomes in the right and sustainable way

Our Values

  • Team Work
  • Innovation
  • Commitment
  • Open mindedness

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Our Departments

    Promote the value of patents and intellectual property rights in the fields of space technologies and space applications.

    • Produce the IP Policy of the Egyptian Space Agency.
    • Assist in the preparation of the patent application and clarify the pathway necessary to obtain a patent.
    • Provide training for people with the potential for innovation in the space fields.
    • Provide the resources required to solve problems (technical, technological and industrial) using licensed patents, public domain patents and the ideas of inventors.

  • Objective:
    To establish partnerships with local and international authorities aiming to strengthen the research projects in the fields of Space technologies.

    • Search for funds to help in achieving the objectives of the Egyptian Space Agency as well as contributing in upgrading the local industries and starting new industries.
    • Liaise with sponsors, universities and research centers in local and international regions to collaborate in mutual-interest research projects.
    • Announce the different grants and the procedure of writing a successful research project.
    • Search for grants to encourage and increase the awareness of students in schools and universities concerning space technologies.

  • Objective:
    Support and promote innovation, and technology transfer inside the industrial associations and communities.

    • Find new ideas and assist in developing their prototypes and models under TICO policy.
    • Support the needs of micro, small, and medium companies to improve their technological capabilities.
    • Create a comprehensive database for all technologies available and suitable for space technology fields.
    • Prepare economic and comparative studies aiming to determine the economic feasibility of available technologies.
    • Improve capabilities, qualifications, and efficiency of human resources working in the field of technology -transfer through training programs.
    • Conduct surveys and studies for local and international technology markets.








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